Friday, 23 March 2012

China ,or Kina in Croatian :)

This is one of my favourite cards from my collection. I received it from "3+ stamps tag". It really surprised me, because all the cards that I received by then from tags were ugly. Thanks to Xiaowen who sent me this amazing card with even more beautiful stamps!
When I think of China - I think of the Great Wall immediately, don't you? Well...China ( official- People's Republic of China or PRC) is the world's most popolous country with a population around 1.3 billion. It's hard for the to imagine, because Croatia has a poulation of (only) 4.5 million :) The capital of China is Beijing, although the biggest city Shanghai.
The card shows Fujian Earth Building. The earth building, typically no windows at ground floor, has only one gateway guarded by 4-5 inch thick wooden doors with an outer wrap of iron plate. Each floor serves a different function, the first hosts a well and livestock, the second is for food storage and the third and higher floors are living spaces. More often, the top floor of these earth buildings has gun holes for defensive purposes. It looks very nice, doesn't it?

Stamps are great as well. They show an ancient Chinese story made as a cartoon and printed on stamps. Thanks once again, Xiaowen!

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