Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Holland, the Netherlands

Holland is the region in the western Netherlands, but it is commonly used as the name of the whole country. Many Dutch people from others part of the country dislike this kind of usage. I also remember that our teacher, when we learnt about the Netherlands last year, told us that we must'n name Holland for the Netherlands.
However, Holland consists of the two Dutch provinces, North Holland and South Holland, which together include the Netherlands' three largest cities: capital city Amsterdam, seat of government The Hague and Rotterdam, home of Europe's largest port.

Dutch post issued  Poscrossing stamps on October 14th, 2011! There are several different stamps, both for Europe and the rest of the world, featuring the traditional postcard motives. Thanks to Karin for sending me this great postcard with a Postcrossing stamp. I just love it :)

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