Friday, 27 April 2012


I have received two official postcards these day, but I haven't sent one for over three months. Now I have 46 received cards, and only 43 sent. As I haven't sent an official cards for such a long time, I decided to request few addresses. I almost forgot how it feels like :)
The postcard from Russia, that I received couple of days ago, really made me happy because it shows some of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Russia, and, even better, it's a postcard from my favourites.

Currently, there are 24 World Heritage Sites in Russia. 15 properties are cultural and 9 are natural. 
The sites shown on the postcard above are: Gefsimansky Skit (as a part of the Architectural Ensemble of the Trinity Sergium Lavra), Qal Sharif mosque (as a part of the Historic and Architectural Complex of the Kazan Kremlin), Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood in St. Petersburg, Saint Basil's Cathedral which is officially named as the Cathedral of the Protection of Most Holy Theotokson on the Moat (as a part of the Moscow Kremlin and Red Square World Heritage Site), Dormition Cathedral in Vladimir, Kizhi Pogost (a historical site dating from the 17th century on Kizhi island), Church of Ascension, the Cathedral of the Annunciation in Kazan and Tthe Kremlin (as a part of the Moscow Kremlin and Red Square World Heritage Site).

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