Sunday, 13 May 2012


Another new country in my collection! I am so lucky these days...
Hungary is a landlocked country located in the Central Europe, in the Carpathian Basin. The country's capital, and largest city, is Budapest with the population of.1.74 million inhabitants (2011), while the whole county has the population of aproximately 10 million. Budapest is located on the both banks of Danube, the most important river in Europe. The name "Budapest" is the composition of the city names "Buda" and "Pest", since they were united to become a single city in 1873. Hungary is also a member of the European Union, Nato, the OECD and is a Schengen state.


The postcard shows Vajdahunyad Castle - a composition of different architectural styles built to commemorate the Hungarian Millennium which was celebrated in 1900.
Karr sent me this nice card with two even nicer stamps. Thanks to many great people my list of missing European countries is getting shorter each week, so at the moment I miss only around 10 countries. Thanks, guys!

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