Thursday, 7 June 2012


My first postcard from Malaysia! :) Malaysia is such an exotic and far country for me. It seems like it's on another planet, so I'd like to visit it some day myself to make sure it's located here, on the Earth. :) Anyway, Malaysia is a pretty large monarchy in Southeast Asia. The capital city is Kuala Lumpur, with the population of approximately 1.6 million residents. Nataša, who was visiting, wrote that she was quiet impressed with the city and Jalan Petaling, shown on the postcard.
Jalan Petaling is a popular tourist spot which buzzes with life every evening when stalls sell a mind-boggling array of goods such as leather products, cameras, clothes, costume jewellery and souvenirs. Nataša had a great time there for sure!

Hvala, Nataša!

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  1. Even when I'm a Malaysian, I have never been inside Petaling Street yet. I have seen that sign board for so many times already but never actually take a look at what stuffs they are selling inside. I'm glad that Nataša is impressed with the city and hopefully many tourists who come to Malaysia would feel the same way :)