Tuesday, 4 September 2012

I'm back :) Starting with a new country in collection - Vietnam!

Hello, postcard lovers & collectors!  I'm back! It's been a while since I spent some of my time to post the cards that I've been receiveing on the blog, but don't blame me - this was a busy busy summer for me! But I promise to be very active in the moths that are about to come. The pile with the cards that I have received during the time I was "off" blogging is really big, so I hope you will enjoy reading and looking at all the cards which were added to my collection. So lets begin . . .  :)

I decided to start with a brand new country in my postcard collection - Vietnam. The view is absolutely stunning, especially because the photo was taken at the sunset. It shows Ha Long Bay, meaning "descending dragon bay". The bay features thousands of karts and isles in many different sizes and shapes.The New 7 Wonders Foundation, which runs the New Seven Wonders of the World program, included Halong Bay on its list of nominations as one the World's New7Wonders of Nature. In 2012, the New 7 Wonders Foundation officially named Halong Bay as one of new seven natural wonders of the world. What shall I say... If I ever make a plan to visit Vietnam, I'll add Ha Long Bay on my must-see list!

Many thanks to Jo for this beautiful postcard and cute stamps. I always appreciate using commemorative stamps instead of (quiet often) dull definitives. Thanks :)

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