Tuesday, 18 September 2012

The Monthly Task

Hello, collecctors and all the postcards lovers!
I have started a new project as a part of my postcard blog - The Monthly Task!
You can found out about it on the special part of this blog (just below the blog name!)
The theme for the October task are Postboxes and Mailboxes.

October, 2012 - Postboxes/Mailboxes                                                                                              
Show us the photos of your mailbox and postbox where you send the postcards from in your town and tell us about it. 
Some questions to help you: How many times a week do the mailman delivers  the mail? What does the mailbox mean to you? How many times a week do you send the postcards? Do you prefer post office or you use the street mailbox? Do you have an interesting story/situation connected to this theme? Please, only the photos that you have taken yourself.

Send your photos/with text on: aditufek@hotmail.com.

I'm looking forward to see what will you share with us!

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  1. And we've got the first participant!