Thursday, 11 October 2012

Postboxes & Mailboxes

So, it's the time to see what did collectors actually have to say about their mailboxes and postboxes! Here are three different stories from three different countries... Enjoy!

Anu, UK says...

Wolverhampton, England

wallbox; Sedgley, Dudley

Mail is collected from both of these boxes Monday - Saturday, at least once a day. I prefer to use street mailboxes when mailing my cards as I'm not sure what some of the clerks in the post office would say about me sometimes using older stamps, or a combination of a first class stamp + smaller value stamps to make up the correct postage. I can't really say how many times a week I send postcards as it varies so much - sometimes it can be just once a week but at other times it's almost every day.  Mail is delivered in the UK six days a week (Monday - Saturday).

 Dewi, Indonesia says...

Hello, this is my mailbox! It is unusual here having mailbox, because the habit of sending mail doesn't exist here anymore. But i decided to make my own mailbox when I joined Postcrossin project. First postcards were being thrown by the postman to my terrace floor, all of them scattered around the floor.    Postcards are too precious to be trown just like that, so I decidet to make a mailbox! I took a small box, and named it 'kotak pos' with the permanent ink, still uncolored, and put it on a plant named lidah mertua, at the corner of terrace ("kotak pos" means "the mailbox" in Inodonesian).I thought it would be visible to the postman. But he didn't recognize it as a mailbox and that made me quiet mad. Then I bought  red poster paint and painted it with in red. Taraaaaaa! He recognized it and put the postcards into it. Handmade mailbox is now very useful, because those are rarely available in stores and a little bit expensive. The postman comes to my home to deliver the mail every 2 days.

Martiina, Estonia says...

Here you have the photo of a postbox nearest to my home. The post office door can be seen right behind it and actually it is just around the corner from my home. :) Eesti Post means Estonian Post of course. It's logo is a hooter horn that postmen used in the beginng times of postal service to announce they are coming. This postbox is emptied at 18.00 from Monday to Tuesday and at 16.00 on Sunday. I send letters and cards depending on how busy I am at the moment, but at least once a week I post a bunch of them. When I have just mail to post, any postbox on my way is fine, but when I have to buy cards and stamps, I visit the post office as well. I think I don't have any thrilling stories connected to a postbox, I just often forget to post the letters and cards I have taken with me and have to go back or post them the next day. :P (You are not the only one (;  )


  1. i loved the handmade mailbox, it's such a beautiful idea!

    is there going to be a new monthly task? i'd love to join this time :)

  2. Yes, of coure there will be ne0w one! Bu I havent chosen the theme yet. I will let you know when I do ;)

  3. thats such a cute mailbox .))