Sunday, 21 October 2012

Postboxes & Mailboxes

It's time for the rest of the tasks I've received for this month's Monthly Task! As the October is almost over, I will publish another theme for the November task. More about it in the next post... Enjoy the articles of postcard lovers from Russia, Hong Kong and Norway ;)

Ivan, Hong Kong says...
Hong Kong was a colony of United Kingdom,  so Hong Kong postbox's style follows the UK (coloured red). When HK returned to China as a Special Administrative Region, the government intended to remove some characteristic related to the UK.
Central, Hong Kong

For instance, Hong Kong post decided to change the postbox color into green from red.

From his journey to Macau, Ivan shares... 
Macau was a Portuguese colony. As a result,the official language is  Portuguese and Cantonese.  As you can see, the postboxes are marked with two languages - Portuguese and Traditional Chinese.

The main post office, Macau
 A multi-functional stamp machine



Cathrine, Norway says...

Here's a photo of my and my neighbours mailboxes, and the nearest "post office" where I send my postcards from. The "post office" is really a grocery store with a counter for mail related stuff. Many post offices has been closed in the last years, and been replaced with the counters in grocery stores. I usually end up writing the prize in the corner of the postcard before I even get there, as it goes faster when I can just say that I'm going to send "X postcards with this stamp and Y postcards with that stamp", rather than letting the person behind the counter figure it out. When the grocery store is nearby, I rather go to the there and buy the stamps I need when I actually need them, rather that buying a bunch of stamps once in a while and stick them on myself.
Sometimes I send postcards once every or every other week, and sometimes several times a weeks. Depends on how "addicted" I'm at the moment. Empty mailboxes is boring, and so are bills, so receiving something nice, like postcards, means a lot to me! Here in Norway, it's mail delivery 6 days a week.

Ya-ola-la, Russia says... 

The old and the new variant of Russian postboes in Arkhangelsk, Russia.

Ewa, Poland says...

3 years ago, it was dark and dull, so I decided to decorate it with a decoupage technique. I painted it on white and added some paper roses so that it would get some vintage style :) Now, it's a bit damaged, but still I like it ^^

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