Friday, 23 November 2012

Afqa Falls, Lebanon

Sorry for not posting for some time, but I'm back now! I've received many nice cards in this period of non posting. Here is one of them that I like quite a lot, coming from Lebanon, a new country in my collection. Thanks to Maick and his friend from Lebanon for this waterfall view!
Afqa, or Afka is a village and municipality located in the Jbeil District of the Mount Lebanon Governorate, 71 kilometres northeast of Beirut in Lebanon. Known in ancient times as Apheca, the word can be interpreted as "source", is located in the mountains of Lebanon, about 20 kilometres from the ancient city of Jebail, which still stands just east of the town of Qartaba. It is the site of one of the finest waterfalls in the mountains of the Middle East, which feeds into the Adonis River (known today as Abraham River or Nahr Ibrahim in Arabic), and forms Lake Yammoune, with which it is also associated by legend.
In Greek mythology Adonis was born and died at the foot of the falls in Afqa. The ruins of the celebrated temple of Aphrodite Aphakitis— the Aphrodite particular to this site— are located there.

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