Saturday, 3 November 2012

Welcome to Rovinj!

View over the center from a distance

Well, as a part of this month's Monthly Task, I'd like to show you bits and pieces of my hometown - Rovinj, Croatia. In fact, I like few kilometers eastern of Rovinj, but I spend more time in Rovinj than I do at home ;) 
You probably don't know much about Rovinj, but that's about to change... Rovinj is a small pitoresque town ( about 14,000 inhabitants) situated on the north Adriatic Sea. It's a popular summer tourist resort so many hotels, bars, souvenirs shops etc. can be found here. During its turbulent history, Rovinj has been part of many countries and empires, so the arhitecture is quiet nice. I'll also share some positive and some negative sides of living in Rovinj...

Rovinj is full of narrow streets

Positive sides:
  • During the summer, you don't need to go anywhere... You've got it all here - sun and the blue clear sea!
  • Rovinj is not a big city, as we concluded, so everyithing is relatively close. You can walk from one side of the town to the other in less then 40 minutes.
  • We have pretty much all you basically need here - quiet good schools, two shopping malls and dozents of bars.

Sea, as you can see ;)

Negative sides:
  • The place is so crowded during the summer time. I even avoid going to the center in July and August.
  • But when the tourist are gone, life gets much much slower, a bit too slow, I'd say. Many of the shops/bars/hotels cloes in October and during the cloudy days, you can walk down the main street and not to meet anyone. 
  • If you are buying something specific, you will probably need to go to a bigget town to get it. 

At the end, the video that our Tourist Board has made in order to show you the beauties of Rovinj... Enjoy!

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