Saturday, 15 December 2012

Buenos Aires, Argentina

It's time for a bit of South America - Argentina! Laura sent me this amazing postcards, showing the icon of Buenos Aires - the Obelisc. Buenos Aires is the capital and the largest city of Argentina, with nearly 3 million inhabitants or 30% of Argentina's population.
The main avenue in Beunos Aires, Avenida 9 de Julio,  is the widest avenue in the world. Its name honors Argentina's Independence Day, July 9, 1816. Here come few interesting 'did you know facts' about Argentina... For example, did you know that Argentina was the first country to adopt fingerprinting as a method of identification? In 1925, the small Argentinian town of Necochea was rocked by the gruesome stabbing of two children. With no witnesses to the crime, local police were unable to tie the gory crime to any particular suspect. Utilizing a bloody fingerprint left on a bedpost, Detective Eduardo Alvarez was able to peg the murders on the children’s mother, who quickly confessed to the crime. Did you know that the world’s first animated films were made and released in Argentina, by a man named Quirino Cristiani?

Sometimes using the sticker instead of a real stamps is unavoidable, I guess. Anyway, many thanks to Laura!

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