Friday, 11 January 2013


I could have received this, quite common, mapcard of Belgium from any Belgian Postcrosser, but this card is special to me because I sent it myself, while visiting Brussels and some other small towns round Belgium. The country is really wonderful! The stamps is nothing spectacular, plus it hasn't been cancelled, so I did't want to waste time scanning it...


  1. When did you visit Belgium?
    How did you like Brussels (and other towns)?

  2. I visited Belgium during during my Christmas brake, in fact around New Year. I find Brussels very very nice and my sister lives there so she showed us some places that regular tourist could hardy find, so it was even more interesting. The only minus was the weather, as I was raining most of the days of our visit. But we visited Brugge as well. It's also very nice! The only unusual thing in Belgium, for me, was that stamps were sold only in these "press shops" and I haven't seen the real office anywhere, but my sister says she hasn't seen one there as well...