Friday, 8 February 2013


Isn't that view gorgeous? I'd love to take a walk ther! Oleska sent mt very first card from this Latvian set that I have just started collecting. If you have another card from this sent, I'd be more than happy to swap with you. Here are some information about Latvian nature and enviorment...
Most of the country is composed of fertile lowland plains and moderate hills. A typical Latvian landscape is a mosaic of vast forests alternating with fields, farmsteads, and pastures; amid arable land are birch groves and wooded clusters, which afford a habitat for numerous plants and animals. Latvia has hundreds of kilometres of undeveloped seashore lined by pine forests, dunes, and continuous white sand beaches.
Latvia has the 4th highest proportion of land covered by forests in the European Union, after Finland, Sweden and Slovenia.
Latvia has over 12,500 rivers that stretch for 38,000 km. Major rivers include the Daugava River, Lielupe, Gauja, Venta, and Salaca, the largest spawning ground for salmon in the eastern Baltics. There are 2,256 lakes that are bigger than 1 ha, with a collective area of 1,000 km2. Mires occupy 9.9% of Latvia's territory. 70% percent of the mires are untouched by civilisation, and they are a refuge for many rare species of plants and animals
Approximately 27,700 species of flora and fauna have been registered in Latvia. Common species of wildlife in Latvia include deer, wild boar, moose, lynx, bear, fox, beaver and wolves.

We're talking about Latvian nature and biodiversity, so the bird stamp really fits. Ačiu, Oleksa ;)

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