Friday, 15 March 2013


When I get a new country for my collection, I am very very happy, but whet it's a waterfall view, the amount of happiness doubles. Many thanks to Agi for great waterfall from Ecuador she sent me during her trip to South America. You can visit her blog to check the great collection she has!
The postcard shows a waterfall called Pailón del Diablo (Devil"s Bucket or Devil"s Melting Pot), located in province Tungurahua, Ecuador. It is the most impressive waterfall in the region, visited by domestic and foreign tourists, attracted by the beauty of turquoise waters. Water temperature is approximately 23 ºC. To observe more closely must descend along a path that is clearly marked, that through orchids, hydrangeas and semi-jungle vegetation, which reaches a suspension bridge and then be in the very edge of the waterfall.
At the edge of the waterfall is a lookout point from where the view is lost in the vegetation consists of herbaceous, shrub and tree. The falls cascade over a natural rock formation, it is capable of wrapping in a dense cloud of droplets from moisture.

When mentioning nature and biodiversitz, it is important to mention that Ecuador is one of 17 megadiverse countries in the world according to Conservation International, and it has the most biodiversity per square kilometre of any nation. In addition to the mainland, Ecuador owns the Galápagos Islands, for which the country is best known. The Galápagos Islands are well known as a region of distinct fauna, famous as the place of birth of Darwin's Theory of Evolution, and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Ecuador also has the first constitution to recognize the rights of nature.

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