Sunday, 24 March 2013

Food and Drinks

Do you like this month's Monthly Task theme, Food and Drinks? I find learning and exploring the variety of food and drinks prepared around the globe just yummy! What a shame you can't smell all of these tasty dishes via computer, but who knows what will the computers in future be able to do ;)
I've decided to show you bits of our Croatian cuisine for the beginning, but it was very difficult to single just a few dishes out. Croatian cuisine is known as a cuisine of the regions since every region has its own distinct culinary traditions. Its roots date back to ancient times and the differences in the selection of foodstuffs and forms of cooking are most notable between those on the mainland and those in coastal regions. I've chosen to share following traditional dishes. Dobar tek! Bon appetite!


Kulen (also called kulin in some parts of Slavonia) is a flavored sausage made of minced pork that is traditionally produced in Croatia and Serbia, and its designation of origin has been protected in Croatia.
The meat is low-fat, rather brittle and dense, and the flavor is spicy. The red paprika gives it aroma and colour, and garlic adds spice. The original kulen recipe does not contain black pepper because its hot flavor comes from hot red paprika. 



Fritule is a festive pastry resembling little doughnuts, made particularly for Christmas. They are somewhat similar to Italian zeppole and venetian Frìtole, but are usually flavored with brandy and citrus zest, containing raisins, and are topped with powdered sugar. Here in Rovinj and in Istria generally they are usually prepared in the carnival time. They are pretty easy to make, so you can also look UP for the recipe on the Internet give it a try!


Paški sir

Paški sir (cheese from the Island of Pag) is a hard, distinctively flavored sheep milk cheese from the island of Pag. It is generally regarded as the most famous of Croatian artisan cheeses and is found in many export markets outside Croatia. 

Sirana Gligora -  Paški Sir Gligora
(source: sirana Gligora)

Fritaja with asparagus

Fritaja (frtalja) is a  type of egg omelet  traditionally eaten in Croatia and Slovenia, especially Istria. Both names come from the Venetian dialect Italian word fritaia, which means "fried". 
They are especially common in the springtime when the wild asparagus are added, but many other ingredients are used as well: ham, cheese, numerous spices and herbs... The asparagus are used in many different sort of meals, from pasta to stews, but in the combination with eggs they are specially tasty.
wild asparagus
There are dozens of dishes that I'd like to share with you, but I can give you the link where you can find it at least. Look up here! Which dishes are typical for your country?

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