Monday, 1 April 2013

Food and Drinks

It's time to close the Monthly Task for Mach, and the photos posted in the lottery really make me hungry... I'm sharing some of the answers I find the most interesting. 

China ~ 祝您好胃口

Huaxiaoan writes:
"The most famous food here is xiaolongbao, there are traditionally filled with soup and meat, but  variations include seafood and vegetarian fillings, as well as other possibilities. The soup inside is created by placing some meat gelatin inside the dumpling before steaming. The steam heat melts the gelatin into soup."

Indonesia ~ Selamat makan!

Vidybidy writes:
"In Indonesia we have a looooot of traditional food, from nasi goreng to durian... But what I like the most is sate. It's made of roasted chicken (sate ayam), lamb (sate kambing), or beef (sate sapi). Put 3 pieces of each in one bamboo skewer. For chicken and lamb they serve it with peanut and black sweet soy sauce. The beef sate, originally from west Sumatra, is called sate padang. The sauce is a very thick curry, hot and spicy- very tasty for dinner!"

Latvia ~ Labu apetīti!

Leonovica writes:
"Rupjmaizes kartojums is a traditional Latvian dessert based on the country's famous traditional dark rye bread. Also it consists jam and whipped cream."

The USA ~ Bon appetite!

KathyCC writes:
"A popular dish here are Buffalo wings (or simply chicken wings). They're usually deep friend wings that are coated in a sauce that can range from sweet to garlicky to really, really hot. I like mine spicy! They originated in Buffalo, NY, hence the name."

Guinea ~ Bon appétit!

Poissonrouge writes:
"RICEEveryday. At every meal (= once or twice a day). You can eat bread and pasta and vegetables and anything, you have not eaten anything if you have not eaten rice. There are a few different sauces: sweet potatoes leaves (my favourite), cassava leaves (the one I ate today), peanut butter, soup (a lot of water and a few vegetables), palm nuts, ladiesfingers... I think that's it. "

Russia ~ Приятного аппетита

Emerald_dream writes:
"Talking about drinks, in Russia we drink kvas - a fermented beverage made from black or regular rye bread. It's a summer drink."

Uzbekistan ~ *couldn't find the translation*

Limny writes:
"Plov is the symbol of Uzbek food. Uzbek plov is cooked with rice, fresh mutton or beef, yellow or red carrot, onions and vegetable oil. Traditionally, Uzbek plov is prepared in a deep cast-iron pot (kazan), which is uniformly warmed and a dish is not burnt."

What else could I add? Yummy!

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