Tuesday, 9 April 2013


Do you like your country's folk tales? Here are some kind characters of Russian folk, common in the whole Slavic mythology as well. I singled a few of them out...
In Slavic folklore, the Firebird is a magical glowing bird from a faraway land, which is both a blessing and a bringer of doom to its captor.
Ded Moroz is a fictional character who in some Slavic cultures plays a role similar to that of Santa Claus (it's called Djed Mraz here in Croatia). The literal translation of the name would be "Old Man Frost", although the name is often translated as "Father Frost" in light of the modern usage of "ded" to refer to a grandfather. 
Ivan Tsarevich is one of the main heroes of Russian folklore, usually a protagonist, often engaged in a struggle with Koschei. Along with Ivan the Fool, Ivan Tsarevich is a placeholder name rather than a certain character.

The "drawn" stamp with a rabbit in the role of a policeman and a dog driving a car, waiting for the ducks to cross the road, is simply adorable! Thanks, Nastya!

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