Saturday, 11 May 2013


And finally I received the long-awaited postcard from Mexico!!! I'm not sure how long did it take for it to reach my mailbox, but it was sent at the beginning of 2013, so we're talking about months... Anyway, it's here now, thanks to Ana from Xalapa. Ana chose the night view of Veracruz City, located near her hometown, in the central part of Mexico.
Veracruz  is Mexico’s oldest, largest, and historically most significant port since European colonization. Because of its importance as Mexico's principal Caribbean and Atlantic sea port, Veracruz has always been a locus for the mixture of different cultures, particularly native Mexican, Spanish and African. During the colonial period, African slaves were brought to work in the fields and shipyards. Since Mexico's independence from Spain in 1821, other groups of immigrants, such as Italians and Cubans, have made their homes in the city.
Veracruz is not as popular a tourist destination as many other resort areas. However the city has been promoting itself as a tourist location with new attractions such as the Veracruz Aquarium and the City Museum and the renovation of old ones such as Fort San Juan de Ulúa and the Naval Academy.

The stamps were issued in 2012, representing Mexican folk art. Unfortunately, I couldn't find anything about this piece exactly. 

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