Tuesday, 28 May 2013


Los Roques archipelago is a federal dependency of Venezuela consisting of approximately 350 islands, 42 coral cays surrounding a shallow central lagoon of 400 km², two barrier reefs and 300 sand banks, islands and cays. Because of the wide variety of seabirds and rich aquatic life, the Venezuelan government declared Los Roques a National Park in 1972. Seems like an amazing place! Would love to visit!
El Gran Roque is the only populated island in the group, with only about 1,500 permanent inhabitants. However, it receives approximately 70,000 visitors a year.

A stamp comemmorating two hundred years since independence of Venezuela (1811) was used. Thanks, Luis, for new country in my collection!

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  1. oh god, i'm so jealous right now! :) latin america is so hard to get. beautiful card, very cool stamp.