Saturday, 8 June 2013

Sri Lanka

Have you ever heard of  Kandyan Dance? I hadn't heard of it either, but thanks to Ravindra and this wonderful postcard he sent me, I just read its a dance form that originated in the area called Kandy of the Central hills region in Sri Lanka,  but today it has been widespread to other parts of Sri Lanka.
The Kandyan Dance is traditionally performed to percussion only. The most common drum is the Geta Beraya, which is only used in Kandyan Dance.The dancers wear an elaborate costume including a headdress. Even though originally only males were allowed train as dancers, there are now several schools which also train women in the Kandyan dance form. However there is no definite Ves costume for women, and many female dancers have adapted the male costume in different ways.

The left stamp celebrates the aviation centenary (1912-2012), the one in the corner the centenary of Dharmasoka College and the one in the bottom inauguration of Mattala Rajapaksa International Air Port. Thank you, Ravindra :)

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