Thursday, 11 July 2013


It's time to see what collectors have to say about their DIY works. Creative as postcard collectors are, I was not surprised to see all those beautiful crafts... Take a look!
The majority of the answers included home-made (or hand-painted) postcards that are sent to other collectors once they're done. Here are some: nisnoopy3, Malaysia ryzaja_belka, Lithuania  Nilkaras, Germany  Some also make Christmas and birthday cards for their friends and family.
l_easy, Russia

hihara from Poland is a painter and hand-crafter. Look at her beautiful paintings here, they are amazing:

Collectors do a lot of DIY stuff, just to list some of the things mentioned in the lottery: making curtains, decorating envelopes, making a box for vocabulary index cards to make learning more fun :), doing small repairs...

poissonrouge, Guinea writes:
I love handicrafts ! Actually, I love anything that involves moving my fingers... At school, after my last sewing lesson, I swore I would never touch a sewing machine again. I hated sewing, I only loved working with wood. Then, years later, my sister received a sewing machine, and as a very curious person, I had to try it. I got completely hooked, mainly because I did not have to follow instructions any more, and be very precise, and do exactly what I was told. I could just create what I wanted, and I received no grades for it. On that day three years ago, I swore I would never stop sewing ;) African fabrics are great and cheap, so I have a blast here! 
poissonrouge, Guinea

gloria04 from Hong Kong makes her own rubber stamp and rubberstamp postcards. Check it out!

irmantaite from Lithuania makes brooches. One of the brooches:
irmantaite, Lithuania

Margarett111 from Belarus does cross-stitching. Her favourite (and the biggest ) work is Dream Sleep

Thank you all for participating, your crafts are amazing :)

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