Tuesday, 2 July 2013


My mailbox has been quite empty lately as I reduced swaps a bit, so this wonderful postcard I received from dear Mina was a real refreshment. It's from a cardbook named "Vanishing Anatolian Crafts: Fading Faces". Unfortunately, although they are a very important part of each country's culture and tradition, crafts are slowly becoming just a part of history. This problem has been discussed rather often in the media lately, so maybe there's some hope left to see craftsmen such as this leather worker in the future, too. The photo was taken in Istanbul back in 1989. 

Mina, as always, used nice brand-new stamps. First one is a Europa CEPT stamp (as you may know, the 2013 theme is "the postman van"). The other one commemorates the 500th anniversary of the Piri Reis map.  Piri Reis was an Ottoman admiral and cartographer. The map he made shows the coasts of Europe, North Africa and Brazil. It also reveals some of the earliest mappings of the New World.
Many many thanks to Mina for this great addition to my collection ;)

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