Wednesday, 11 September 2013


And the last one today - a snake charmer from India! Snake charming has always been so interesting and exotic at the same time, makes me wonder how do they manage to do that? Wikipedia says snake charming is the practice of pretending to hypnotise a snake by playing an instrument called pungi. It's typical for India, as well as Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Thailand, Malaysia, Morocco and some other North African countries (ancient Egypt was the home of one form of snake charming). Many snake charmers live a wandering existence, visiting towns and villages on market days and during festivals, and this profession is today in danger of dying out. 
Traditionally, the snakes come directly from wilderness, where they were captured by the snake charmers, and then are trained to get used to the sound of pungi. The Indian cobra is the most preferred snake in India (although various species are used) while the Egyptian cobra is the most popular one in the North Africa. 

Many thanks go to Arnab for the beautiful postcard and using many stamps!

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