Sunday, 1 June 2014


Every day mankind is getting more and more aware of its huge influence on the environment and ecosystem, and yet every day more and more forest are being cut, leading to an increased extinction of species. Here's what Wikipedia says about deforestation... Almost 90% of West Africa's rainforest has been destroyed. Since the arrival of humans 2000 years ago, Madagascar has lost two thirds of its original rainforest. At present rates, tropical rainforests in Indonesia would be logged out in 10 years and Papua New Guinea in 13 to 16 years. Several countries, notably Brazil, have declared their deforestation a national emergency. Amazon deforestation jumped by 69% in 2008 compared to 2007's twelve months, according to official government data. Deforestation could wipe out or severely damage nearly 60% of the Amazon Rainforest by 2030, says a new report from WWF.
However, I strongly feel that people are now closer than ever to realizing that our habits must be changed if we want to continue the lifestyle that we are used to. Thanks to Steve for this card, and I don't mind it being promotional at all :)

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