Saturday, 13 June 2015


India has always been kind of a mystery for me. All the ancient myths, epics, philosphy... It's truly a unique country with long tradition and specific way of living. Would love to spend some time there (since it's a huge country, it would take time to see all of the most important sights though). 
A bit about the earliest times in Indian literature... The earliest literary writings in India, composed between 1700 BCE and 1200 CE, were in the Sanskrit language. Prominent works of this Sanskrit literature include epics such as the Mahābhārata and the Ramayana, the dramas of Kālidāsa such as the Abhijñānaśākuntalam (The Recognition of Śakuntalā), and poetry such as the Mahākāvya.

This is my first market postcard after a long time. Some pretty nice stamps were used ( the one in the upper corner is a joint issue with Slovenian post from 2014). 

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