Saturday, 24 March 2012


My sister moved to Brussels for three month and during her visit she sent me many nice cards. This is my favourite of all cards she sent me, for sure. It shows Grand-Place, Brussels at night. It's not normal size card, which made it even more special. The view is amazing, isn't it?
Grand Place or Grote Markt is the central square in Brussels. It is the most important and memorable destination of Brussels and it's also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It measures 68 by 110 meters.

Albert II is the King of the Belgians and a constitutional monarch. Hif full name is  Albert Félix Humbert Théodore Christian Eugène Marie in English or Albert Felix Humbert Theodoor Christiaan Eugène Marie in Dutch.
Many thanks to my dear sister who always remembers her brother and sends him great cards :)

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