Saturday, 31 March 2012


New update and brad new country in my collection! It's not sent from an exotic island, though, but I'm glad to have it in my collection. I am very thankful to Yana who sent me this beautiful view card from Shiroka Laka, Bulgaria!
Shiroka Laka, or Wide Meander in English, is a village in the southern Bulgaria. It is placed in Smolyan Province, in the central Rhodope Mountains, at 1,206 meters above sea level.
 It is known for its authentic Rhodopean houses set in tiers on both sides of the local river, as we can see on the postcard. Beside Rhodopean houses, Shiroka Laka is famous for the kaba gaida, a kind of bagpipes, and kukeri celebration, specila type of carnival.

 From what I've read about Shiroka Laka so far, it sounds like an interesting place. I hope I will be able to visit it in the future. Till then, I will enjoy this great card with beautiful bird stamp :) Thanks, Yana!

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