Friday, 23 March 2012

San Marino :D

I am so proud to have a card from the country such as San Marino in my collection. As my main goal is to receive a single view card written and stamped from each county of Europe,  I was so happy when I saw this beautiful card in my mailbox! Thanks a lot to Matteo who sent me this beautiful card :)


San Marino is a small county situated on the Italian peninsula. San Marino is the third smallest country in Europe and world's smallest republic. Its size is just over 61 square kilometers and it is all surrounded by Italy. There are only 30 000 people living there. The capital is The City of San Marino. Italian is spoken there, of course.
It's also the oldest surviving sovereign state and constitutional republic. Interesting fact is that it was founded by Marinus from Rab, Croatia in 301.  The motto of San Marino is "Libertas".
The card shows the Mt. Titano,  the highest poin of the country. It is situated 749 mesters above the sea level.
Thanks once again to Matteo :)

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