Monday, 16 April 2012


Such a happy day in my mailbox today! My mailbox hasn't been so full since... oh, it's really been a long time. Among many nice postcards and envelopes, I received this nice postcard from Leuven, Belgium. It's the first card which I received thanks to my postcard blog. Putting all my postcards on a blog seemed like an amazing idea when I started blogging, but now, while I'm searching for the information and scanning all of the cards and stamps, I like it even more. Anyway, thank you guys for following me and reading my, sometimes silly, posts.
Leuven is the capital city of Flemish Brabant province in the Flemish Region, Belgium. Leuven is a big university center with a lot of student living there during the academic year and it's the seat of the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, the oldest Catholic university still in existance. Others sites that you should see if you are passing through or visiting Luven are: the Town Hall, built in the 15th century, the St Peter's Chruch, built in the 15th century as well, the Large Beguinage, one of the world's best remaining examples of its architectural type also listed to the UNESCO WHS list in 1998 and many more.
I really like the statue placed near the centre of  town called "Fons Sapientiae" or "The Fountain of Wisdom" in English. It represents a university student who, while reading a book, lets wisdom flow into his head as liquid from a glass. Great statue for a city full of student, don't you think so?

Thanks to Johan for this nice postcard. I also like the stamp he used. I thought that Belgium has only the sticker-type of stamp that I hate, but I was obviously wrong. Thanks, Johan :)

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