Sunday, 1 April 2012


I am mainly collecting capital cities of countries, but I like the capitols as well. Kristen sent me a card from Jefferson City, Missouri state capitol.
Jefferson City is, as I wrote above, the capitol of the U.S. state of Missouri located by the Missouri River. It was named after the third president of the USA, Thomas Jefferson.  It is also called Jeff City, JC or just Jeff. It has the population of around 45 000. It is  interesting to mention that there are two more Jefferson Cities in the USA. One of them is placed in the state of Montana, and the second one  in the state of Tennessee.

The postcards shows the Missouri State capitol building completed in 1917. The Capitol's dome, rising 73 meters above ground level and topped by a statue of Ceres, Roman goddess of agriculture, rises above the bluffs of the Missouri River and is the first view of Jefferson City for travelers arriving from the north.
It is the third capitol building in Jefferson City.
Thank you, Kristen, for this nice card and two beautiful stamps!

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  1. Very beautiful postcard and stamps:)
    Happy postcrossing!