Sunday, 1 April 2012


Rakvere is a town in the northern Estonia situated 20 kilometers south of the Gulf of Finland. The postcard shows Rakvere ruins of medieval castle. Rakvere got its old name from that castle, mentioned first time in 1226, wrote Karin, the sender of this card.
Rakvere is also known for its Tarvas statue of auroch. It is situated on the edge of Vallimägi hill and was erected for the town's 700th birthday. Along with the granite block it sits on, the statue is seven meters long, four meters high and weighs about seven tons. The motto of the town is: "Full of power",  also connected to the auroch.

Karin sent me this nice card. I always like to learn and read interesting history stories and legends. History is getting more and more interesting  to me each day thanks to many nice people who send me beautiful cards and tell me interesting legends. Thanks, Karin :)

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  1. I have been to this statue in Rakvere. It is really huge. The funny (or actually kind of sad) thing is, that some ignorant people always tend to break off and steal a certain body part from between the tarvas' hind legs, so it has been replaced several times. :P