Saturday, 2 June 2012

The Netherlands

Holland images are one of my favourite types of postcards from the Netherlands. This one shown above is a typical stereotypical image of Holland as an artificial amalgam of tulips and windmlins. As is the case with many stereotypes, this is far from the truth and reality of life in Holland. This can at least in part be explained by the active exploitation of these stereotypes in promotions of Holland and the Netherlands.
On the other hand, Ruben who sent me this lovely postcard wrote that landscapes like this can be seen a lot in the spring. However, I like the card quiet a lot, whether it's a stereotypical image or the reality.

As a Postcrosser, I don't even have to mention that I adore the Postcrossing stamp issued by the Dutch postal service.


  1. You have a really lovely blog! I love the background with jellybeans! :) Great that You share both Your opinion and the facts about the cards, it is very informative!

  2. Nice blog...
    I love this post and the post about my country Malaysia.
    The picture in this card is so serene and I want to visit Holland.