Thursday, 14 June 2012


After a couple of days with an empty mailbox, look what I found in there yesterday! Isn't that view stunning? :) This beautiful postcard reached me thanks to Fabienne. I can't describe my gratefulness for this wonderful card and, what makes me even more happy, a lighthouse stamp on the back. It would be such a pity not to write a few words about the city shown on the postcard above...
Barcelona is the capital of Catalonia and the secong largest city in Spain, with the population of approximately 1.6 million. Barcelona is the largest European metropolis on the Mediterranean Sea. Talking about the history of Barcelona, it's important to mention that it used to be a Roman colony in the the past. Another interesting imformation about Barcelona: probably the oldest public bank -the Bank of Barcelona- was estamblished in Barcelona by the city magistrates in 1401.
Today, Barcelona is one of the world's leading tourist, economic and cultural centres and the fourth most visited city in Europe, just after Paris, London and Rome.

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