Thursday, 6 September 2012


The Principality of Andorra is a landlocked microstate, located in the eastern Pyrenees mountains and bordered by Spain and France. Its capital, Andorra la Vella, is the highest capital city in Europe, at an elevation of 1,023 meteres above sea level.  It is not a member of the European Union, but the euro is the de facto currency. 
Andorra is a parliamentary co-principality with the President of France and the Bishop of Urgell (Catalonia, Spain), as co-princes. This peculiarity makes the President of France, in his capacity as Prince of Andorra, an elected reigning monarch, even though he is not elected by a popular vote of the Andorran people.
Tourism is the mainstray of Andorra's economy. Andorra is visited by approximately 10.2 million vitors annualy. 

And two amazing stamp! Both Europa CEPT issues, the first one issued in 2011, and the second one in 2010. Thanks Fabienne :)

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