Sunday, 9 September 2012


Here comes a viewcard from Ankara, the capital, but not the biggest,city of Turkey! Ankara officially replaced Constantinople as the new Turkish capital city, on 13 October 1923 and ever since has been the center of the Turkish Goverment. Ankara is also an important crossroads of trade, strategically located at the centre of Turkey's highway and railway networks, and serves as the marketing centre for the surrounding agricultural area. 

Mina haven't used one, nor 2, nor 3, nor 4, but 5 different stamps. I am always delighted when I see that much stamps on a postcard. I like the gastronomy one the most! Thanks, Mina!


  1. you're more than welcome :) man, those are some clear date stamps, i'm very proud of my local post office!
    looking forward to swap in the future and greetings from ankara :)

  2. aia'm looking forward as well! And, you're right, the mark is quiet clear!