Sunday, 23 December 2012

How Do We Store Our Cards

So, it's finally time for this month's Monthly Task. The theme is, as you may know, How Do I Store My Cards. I consider taking care of postcards you receive very very important, because each postcard has a great value to a postcard collector. 
According to the answers I've got throughout the lottery I organized, nearly 70 per cent of postcard collectors keep their cards in a certain kind of box. I keep my cards in a box as well; I bought it last year and it was very cheap, but it's perfect size and looks very nice, too. There are many different kind of boxes mentioned by collectors in the lottery, stretching from shoeboxes to the boxes you decorated yourself, such as this one below:


Many of collectors also pin the cards the've received lately on the walls or desks to see them and to decorate their apartments...

 Other popular way of keeping cards safe from the outside world are albums. Did you know thet there were special albums made just for postcards? I have to point out that postcards look amazing sorted this way in a postcard album...

But, collectors are more creative, of course - some of you use huge paper bags, envelopes, plastic files, ring binders, postcards stands like those that you can find in stores etc. There are also numerous ways of sorting the cards - by theme, date of receiving, country it comes from, just to name few. 

I probably won't be able do do any more updates on the blog till the beginning of January, so I'd like to wish you all merry Christmas and happy new 2013 this was. Lots of laugh, happiness and postcards, of course!


  1. Good post! Interesting to see, and to hear about, various ways that collectors store their postcards.

  2. Ooops! I hit "publish" too soon.
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2013 to you, too, Adi.

  3. Im glad you enjoy the post and thanks for nice wishes ;)

  4. Interesting post, I keep my cards in a box too but I think I need to buy more boxes!