Friday, 29 March 2013


Athabasca Falls is a  23 meters-high waterfall in Jasper National Park on the upper Athabasca River, approximately 30 kilometres south of the Jasper, Alberta,  in Canada. Kelly says its her favourite place to visit in the Rockies, the sound of the water and the mist on the face. The falls can be safely viewed and photographed from various viewing platforms and walking trails around the falls. Access is from the nearby parking lot, which leads off Highway 93A just northeast of the falls. Highway 93A takes off from the nearby Icefields Parkway, and crosses the falls on the way north to the town of Jasper. White water rafting often starts below the falls to travel downstream on the Athabasca River to Jasper. 

Fantastic stamps! Two stamps on the right commemorate the War of 1812, while the stamp on the left commemorate Boundary Waters Treaty of 1909. The small, low-value ones are from a set representing insects that roam Canada's gardens and marshes.  Thanks a bunch, Kelly ;)

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