Tuesday, 16 April 2013


Here's the flag of Serbia  that Ana sent me. She writes that the modern flag of Serbia "designed" Miloš Obrenović in the 19th century, and he firs came to idea to reverse the colours of Russian flag. 
This is how it all happened... Sretenje Constitution described the colours of the Serbian flag as bright red, white and čelikasto-ugasita (that could be translated as steelish-dark). The constitution was criticized, especially by Russia, and the flag was specifically singled out as being similar to the revolutionary flag of France. Soon afterwards, Miloš Obrenović was requesting to the Porte that the new constitution should contain an article about the flag and coat of arms,and subsequent ferman allowed Serbs to use their own maritime flag, which will have "upper part of red, middle of blue, and lower of white", which is the first appearance of the colours which has remained until today. The coat of medieval coat of arms was added as well.

Thanks, Ana!

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