Saturday, 13 April 2013


Michal sent me this long night view postcard from Bratislava, with the Bratislava Castle which is located at the top of a quite isolated rocky hill of the Little Carpathians in very the middle of Bratislava. It's one of the symbols of Bratislava. Bratislava Castle area, like the whole Bratislava, has been inhabited for thousands of years, because it is strategically located in the center of Europe at a passage between the Carpathians and the Alps, at a very important ford used to cross the Danube river, and at an important crossing of central European ancient (trade) routes running from the Balkans or the Adriatic Sea to the Rhine river or the Baltic Sea.

It's also interesting that between 1552 and 1784 the Holy Crown of Hungary stayed in the castle. Two Hungarian crown guards, 50 Hungarian and 50 Austrian infantry soldiers took care of it. Hungarian Kings who derived from foreign dynasties as Habsburgs could not possess it. They temporarily got it at coronation time.

I'm pretty sure that the Europa stamp from 2010 that Michal used shows the Bratislava Castle as well, probably because of many legends that are connected with it (Europa CEPT theme for 2010 was Children's books).

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