Saturday, 16 August 2014


An old-fashioned mapcard came from Mina! It's a lovely map of the Bosphorus, the boundary between Europe and Asia. The world's narrowest strait used for international navigation, the Bosporus connects the Black Sea with the Sea of Marmara (which is connected by the Dardanelles to the Aegean Sea, and thereby to the Mediterranean Sea).  Its maximum width is 3,420 m between Umuryeri and Büyükdere Limanı, and minimum width 700 m between Kandilli Point and Aşiyan. 
Most of the shores of the strait are heavily populated, straddled as it is by the city of Istanbul (with a metropolitan area population in excess of 12 million inhabitants) which extends inland from both coasts.

Although the left stamp and the one in the middle bring the oriental charm that I absolutely love, my favourite is the right stamp, Europa CEPT from 2011 (Forests). Thank you, Mina! 


  1. I completely forgot that I have already sent you this card! I remember buying it thinking "Adi might like this one". I was searching the card madly in my postcard boxes so that I could send it to you :D

  2. You were right, I love it :D

  3. Hi Ady,

    This is the first time I learned about Bosphorus. Even if the info is trivial, I am glad to learn new things through postcards and stamps.

    I found the middle stamp on your post at an online stamp catalogue I usually visit. It was entitled
    Joint Issue with Palestine and it was issued on 2013, December 12.